FAQs for Breakaway

Browse through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to gain a deeper understanding of Uptick Partners and how we empower advisors to successfully navigate their journey towards independence.

Uptick Partners is for the entrepreneur advisor who wants to run their own practice, but doesn’t have the time, capital, or desire to run their own RIA. For this advisor, we offer a platform to leverage our technology and operations support so you can focus your time and resources on serving your clients.

In our opinion, the main difference is the level of independence and control. While both RIAs and IBDs are more independent than the traditional Broker-Dealers, the RIA model is the most independent option that exists. While an advisor at an IBD must adhere to the BD’s compliance guidelines, limited investment menu, and the regulatory parameters of FINRA, a fee-only RIA has the ability to “shop the street” for the best products and prices while acting as a fiduciary for the client in a completely unrestricted and unconflicted capacity. RIAs also have greater autonomy and control over their compliance, marketing, pricing, and technology as well as their P&L and expenses. RIAs also have a greater ability to monetize their business, which is traditionally better, not only from a tax perspective but also from a total value perspective.

Joining Uptick Partners is an ideal option for advisors who know there must be a better way. The Broker-Dealers have lost the pulse of the advisor because they see the advisor’s client as really their client that the advisor services for them…hence the employee relationship with the BD. For the last decade and growing more every year, advisors are leaving the Broker-Dealers for true independence because of a combination of the following issues:
  • Overreaching Compliance and Inefficient Workflows
  • Poorly Integrated and Outdated Technology
  • Changing Culture and Values
  • Limited Investment Options and Services
  • Reduced Succession Planning Options and Valuations
  • No Ownership of Client Relationships
  • Tax Inefficiencies from Limited Business Structure Options
Uptick Partners provides a platform dedicated to giving advisors turnkey support for the day-to-day operations they have grown accustomed to while delivering the freedom and control they desire to scale their business.

Uptick Partners takes on the regulatory and compliance risk for our Partnered Firms which, in short, means you can focus more time and energy on your clients and less time managing regulatory obligations. Gone are the days of the “lowest common denominator” approach to compliance which creates inefficiency and frustration for advisors and clients.

Yes, as an advisor with Uptick Partners, you have complete flexibility and independence to create and brand your own DBA (Doing Business As). You may also want to use the Holistic Planning brand (the name of our stand-alone RIA) if you want to leverage our existing marketing campaigns and branding.

Advisors that partner with Uptick Partners have complete autonomy in the succession planning of their business. Advisors should be able to sell their business to whomever they want for the price that person is willing to pay. Typically, business valuations are substantially higher in the RIA model compared to the captive Broker-Dealer. Also, the captive Broker-Dealer compensation is taxed as ordinary income because they are paying the advisor to transition the assets rather than buying the assets outright (they cannot buy something they already own). This leads to substantial tax inefficiencies versus the capital gains treatment in the RIA model.

Advisors may look to Uptick Partners for succession planning options for the following benefits:

No Succession Plan

  • Maximize Enterprise Value
  • Maximize Tax Efficiency
  • Transition Timeline
  • Flexibility
  • Access to Buyers

Successor Identified

  • Deal Flexibility
  • Maximize Tax Efficiency
  • Transition Timeline Flexibility
  • Access to Financing
  • Successor Owns Book

No, Uptick Partners is the marketing name for our business activities related to attracting breakaway advisors to join us as they go independent. Our SEC-registered RIA is Holistic Planning and by joining Uptick Partners you’d be becoming an Investment Advisor Representative of Holistic Planning with the platform and tools needed for success being provided by Uptick Partners. As mentioned above, when you partner with us you have the flexibility to use your own DBA name and create your own brand.  This is what is commonly referred to as a Tuck-In or Shared ADV model.

In the Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) space, a “Shared ADV” or “Tuck-In” model refers to a structure where an advisor joins an existing RIA and operates under its existing ADV (Form ADV, which is the uniform form used by investment advisers to register with both the SEC and state securities authorities).

Here’s what this model typically involves:

  1. Shared Infrastructure: The advisor gets to leverage the existing RIA’s infrastructure, including its compliance framework, technology, operations, and potentially even its investment strategies.
  2. Reduced Operational Burden: By tucking into an existing RIA, the advisor can focus more on client service and business growth, while the RIA handles many of the back-office duties.
  3. Client Transition: The advisor brings their existing clients to the new RIA, with the understanding that they’ll continue to manage these relationships.
  4. Compensation: The compensation structure varies but often involves the advisor receiving a percentage of the revenue generated from their clients.
  5. Brand Flexibility: The advisor has the ability to maintain or create a separate brand identity using a DBA if they so choose.

The Tuck-In or Shared ADV model can be an attractive option for advisors who want the benefits of independence without the full responsibility of starting and running their own RIA firm.

Each transitioning advisor follows our process for trying to ensure all business and clients move with you. Additionally, if establishing a new DBA, Uptick Partners has a marketing vendor that can provide branding, website build-out, and print collateral support. Transition times vary depending on the complexity of your book of business, any employee contracts in place with your current firm, whether you decide to launch under a new brand, and other factors. In general, a transition can take as little as 6 weeks or as long as 6 months, and we work with you to make sure there is enough lead time to accomplish your goals.

We have a multi-custodian platform that provides access to Pershing, Charles Schwab, Raymond James, Fidelity, and Altruist.

If you have a custodial preference, we’ll also work with you to see about partnering with them and setting up all of the infrastructure needed for you to successfully manage you client assets through Uptick.

Uptick Partners provides a next-generation platform designed by and for elite advisors. You no longer have to “go-it-alone” and build the transition support, technology stack, operational back office, human resources, marketing, legal and compliance, and much more just to get the independence you deserve. Uptick Partners was built for the entrepreneurial advisor that wants a turnkey solution to leverage technology and operational support needed to run their day-to-day so they can focus on what’s most important: serving their clients. Advisors that partner with us will join a community of like-minded advisors who have true autonomy over their business but share a common culture and desire to grow.