About Uptick

When you partner with Uptick, you’ll receive all of the support needed to help your business thrive as you go independent.

Our Story

Uptick Partners was born from the entrepreneurial spirit of advisors who once navigated the structured pathways of Edward Jones. These founders saw firsthand the limitations and pressures associated with being captive to a broker-dealer’s dictates. They recognized the burgeoning desire among advisors for a framework that offered true independence without sacrificing the comprehensive support system necessary for success.

This shared experience at Edward Jones galvanized them to create an alternative — a firm where advisors could benefit from autonomy in their practice while still being bolstered by a robust, turnkey operational structure.

Uptick Partners exists for those advisors who are ready to go independent and who need somebody who's actually been there, who's actually done it, who's actually gone in on a Friday at 10 o'clock in the morning, signed a resignation letter, and walked out the door.

Our Founders

Founders of Uptick Partners, Steve Barber, Jason Barber, and Taylor Pankratz, are reshaping the world of financial advising and wealth management’s future. Their journey has paved the way for other advisors looking to break free from traditional structures and embrace the opportunities that independence brings.

The founders’ goal for Uptick was to create a platform for independent advisors that enables them to provide superior service to clients while also giving them an avenue to grow their practices.

By choosing independence, the Uptick founders have realized their vision while paving the way for upcoming advisors to do the same.

Steve Barber


Jason Barber


Taylor Pankratz


Our Purpose

Going from the captive broker-dealer to RIA independence is nearly impossible. Uptick Partners is changing that. Our purpose is to empower financial advisors with the vision, resources, and support they need to break away from traditional constraints and embark on their journey towards independence. Drawing from our own experience, we strive to guide other advisors through this transformative process.

Our Vision

We believe the future of wealth management and financial advising is independence - for advisors and for their clients. Our own story is emblematic of a larger movement within the industry, which has seen more and more advisors going independent every year. This notable shift in the wealth management paradigm represents where the industry is headed and why our firm is needed - to help these advisors embrace a brighter future and better tomorrow.

The name Uptick Partners reflects our founders’ journey and their vision for continuous growth and upward momentum in the independent financial advisory space. The inspiration for the firm’s name stems from the founders’ own transformative experience when they transitioned from Edward Jones to establishing their own Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), Holistic Planning.

The term “Uptick,” often used in the financial markets to denote a small increase in stock price, represents the incremental yet powerful steps advisors can take toward increased excellence and, in turn, prosperity – for themselves and their clients. Through Uptick Partners, the founders aim to extend their successful blueprint, enabling other advisors to experience their own ‘uptick’ by elevating their practices through the benefits that come with a supported independence model.

Grow Your Practice, Your Way.

At Uptick Partners, we offer the flexibility to grow your practice the way you envision. With our comprehensive suite of services, you can scale your business at your own pace, and in alignment with your own goals.

Our turnkey solution enables advisors to choose independence without compromise. Join Uptick Partners and create a future where your vision drives your success.  


Accelerate business growth by using proven marketing strategies for branding, generating leads, and communicating in a cohesive way. 


Leverage our compliance program to help protect your business and your clients in today’s rapidly evolving regulatory world.


Utilize our proprietary and custom-built technology platform that is fully integrated and designed with the breakaway advisor in mind.

Human Resources

Improve employee engagement, retention, and recruitment with our sophisticated payroll capabilities, competitive benefits, and more.


Transition confidently using our process that seeks to maximize the number of clients and value of assets that follow you.  


Access a variety of strategies, such as external managers, proprietary model portfolios, and alternatives, via SMA and/or UMA accounts.

Our Current Partners

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